Antidote Online Game


This online escape room recreates the feel of the real one. It will test your problem solving and critical thinking. It works well with some science based lab music in the background.

4* difficulty

This game can only be downloaded more than once, so if there is a fault or crash with your computer no worries, you can just start again. It is only accessible once it has been purchased for 24 hours. After this time the link will expire and you will not be able to play the game.

The game and answer booklet will be emailed to you on purchase of the game.

The game will work much better on a laptop or computer rather than a phone/tablet and is not compatible with smart TV’s.

The game can be played with friends around the world on Zoom, just share the screen with this in the background.



A little strapped for cash, you signed up for a medical experiment, by the well known Professor Dr M. A Daman. Unfortunately, things are not going to plan, and 24 hours after your last drug infusion the participants are dropping dead. You only have one hour to go until your 24 hours is up; so will need to act fast.
You know the Doctor was doing his best to create an antidote….and was so nearly there. Sadly in his delirium he ended up drinking the wrong vial. Can you follow the clues he left behind to find your antidote; save your lives, and offer a cure to everyone else.