Manchester: Inspector Piper Volume 3. Murder Mystery: Suffragette with a Secret


Manchester Murder Mystery – Suffragette with a Secret

Duration – Approximately 1.5 hours

Start point: St Ann’s Square, M2 7JB

Terrain: Mild – wheelchair and pram accessible.

Suitable for ages 12+

If there is a crash or fault with your phone you will be able to download the tour again, so don’t worry about it, however we recommend you do not close the internet page you are on whilst doing the walk, otherwise you will have to start from the beginning. Internet access needed.

On purchase you will receive a how to play guide, the answer sheet and the game itself.

We recommend the walk being purchased for groups of 4-5; as it makes for a better experience than with extremely big groups.

We definitely recommend taking notes on your way around, so bring a pen and pad or have a mobile device to take notes on.

PLEASE CHECK YOUR SPAM FOLDER ONCE PURCHASED for your confirmation email and your downloadable walk.


Welcome to your Manchester Murder Mystery.
Welcome to the tales of Inspector Piper. Chronicle 3: Suffragette with a Secret.
The Suffragette movement is in full swing, and the women’s revolution is being to make an impact. Sadly, someone has infiltrated the movement and is looking to bring it down from the inside. Detective Piper has been called in on behalf of the Suffragettes to work out who the rogue operative is and bring an end to their mischief.
(All names/characters in the story are completely fictional)

Before you begin your journey with Inspector Piper, there are some things you will need to know first.

To solve your mystery; you will have to follow Pipers journey across Manchester to interview all the relevant suspects.

At each location you will have to solve a clue in order to open up the information you need to solve the crime.

You will have to self navigate through Manchester in order to find you locations: so if Piper goes to the Castle you will have to work your own way there in order to find your clue and work out your evidence. All the guidance points will be points of interest, and there is no time limit on completing your mission so if you wish to stop at any then feel absolutely free. The locations you choose to go will be in a (relatively) ordered fashion….so as long as you don’t go and chase a dead lead.

At each page you will get some information from an individual or suspect; and although these will be brought together at the end we do recommend taking a pen and paper with you to make notes to help you on your quest.

If you still are feeling stuck getting towards the end there are hints you can call on in order to give you a little extra nudge before you come up with your decision. You can go back and forward in between pages (previous and next button) however do try not to close the page as you will have to restart from the beginning.

Hints will be prompted when they are available; and they are worth taking as they may provide you will some extra information that will lead you to solve this heinous crime.

When  you make your final guess; that is the end of it. Once you press complete you will be taken through to the results page….and only then will you work out if you have the brain power of Holmes or the critical thinking of a gnat.