Covent Garden: Seven Dials Murders


Covent Garden Quest – Seven Dials Murders

Duration – Approximately 1 – 1.5 hours

Start point: Covent Garden Station, London WC2E 9JT

Terrain: Fair – pram and wheelchair accessible

Suitable for ages 12+

If there is a crash or fault with your phone you will be able to download the tour again, so don’t worry about it, however we recommend you do not close the internet page you are on whilst doing the walk, otherwise you will have to start from the beginning. Internet access needed.

On purchase you will receive a how to play guide, the answer sheet and the game itself.

The quests work best with teams of up to 5, however can be used for any number of groups. For larger groups it may be worth purchasing multiple and sharing he quests out.

PLEASE CHECK YOUR SPAM FOLDER ONCE PURCHASED for your confirmation email and your downloadable walk.


Welcome to your Covent Garden Quest
Mysterious deaths have plagued the Seven Dials area for years.
Some say these murders are linked; and they are the work of something not of this world. Dare you take a trip to try and uncover this mystery?
Can you link the murders together and free the curse of the Seven Dials?

Quest walks are a fantastic way to discover new adventures and solve cryptic mysteries; as well as having a guided tour to some of the most must-see sites in a location. You will have to enter codes, work out puzzles and uncover mysteries to progress with your quests.

Follow the clues and solve puzzles to unlock your quest and solve your mission.

You have unlimited time so feel free to sample the delights that Covent Garden has to offer.

You will also find out lots of interesting facts as you progress through with your quest; learning about the history of London.