Online Escape Games

Welcome to a new format of online escape games.

We have developed a series of online escape games to test your skills.

The games are played through the website so a larger screen helps: so get the laptop charged up.

You can redo the quiz once purchased so if you need to come back to it once started that is not a worry.

Can your team escape?

The challenge couldn’t be simpler. Simply choose your game, pick your team and try to escape.

Can you escape the noose after being accused of witch-craft? Or else flee from the clutches of a serial killer.

There is no time limit and you can asks for hints throughout if stuck. You can download all the clues needed as you progress.

Good luck teams, and hopefully see you on the other side.

We strongly recommend playing the games on a computer or laptop.

Struggling to keep in touch with friends over lock down? Or looking for something new to do with them?

No matter where they are based in the world, you can play our games on Zoom.

Simply share the screen when you have loaded up the game and everyone can get involved!

Just make sure you pick your clever friends…..your choice now!

Escape the Noose Online

£10 – 5* Difficulty

The year is 1612, and you have been arrested and tried for being a witch…and found guilty! You have one hour until you meet your fate; the hangman’s noose. However, before you the Pendle witches have left you clues and puzzles to help you escape. Can you find your way out before it’s too late?



cutting plant pic - new

The Cutting Room Online

£10 – 4* Difficulty

Working as investigative journalists your journey takes you on the hunt of a serial killer…. sadly, he is all too aware of this. You rush to his lair, ending up  in chains with time running out until he returns to finish his job. Can you escape in time, working out where his next victim will be targeted….

antidote picture

Antidote Online

£10 – 4* Difficulty

A little strapped for cash, you signed up for a medical experiment, by the well known Professor Dr M. A Daman. Unfortunately, things are not going to plan, and 24 hours after your last drug infusion the participants are dropping dead. You only have one hour to go until your 24 hours is up; so will need to act fast.

You know the Doctor was doing his best to create an antidote….and was so nearly there. Sadly in his delirium he ended up drinking the wrong vial. Can you follow the clues he left behind to find your antidote; save your lives, and offer a cure to everyone else.